Friars re-establish a presence in New Zealand, opening a Retreat House
in Auckland. By this time, Franciscans are living and working in locations
in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and New Zealand.
The Holy Spirit Province sends missionaries to
New Guinea in response to requests for assistance from religious
working in the area who are desperately trying to regather and
rebuild after the destruction caused by World War II.
Friars assume responsibility for St Brigod parish, Midland, in the eastern
districts of Perth, Western Australia.
Friars begin working with the community on Fantome Island,
off the northern coast of Queensland, where a leprosarium had
been established in the 1940s.
Padua College, alongside the existing parish school in Kedron, Brisbane, is
established in response to the growing need for secondary
education in the Catholic tradition.
Friars take on the role of chaplain to the Palm Island community,
working in conjunction with other religions. A presbytery, school,
convent and church are constructed. The friars’ role here is
amalgamated in 1969 with that on nearby Fantome Island.
The Province assumes responsibility for the Franciscan presence in Singapore
Yarra Theological Union is formally recognised as an institute of
priestly formation by the Archbishop of Melbourne. YTU is the
result of a coming together of the teaching resources of a number
of different religious Orders, including the Franciscans. The facility
is based at St Paschal College at Box Hill.
All the friars of the province gather for the first time at ‘The Chapter of Mats’
held at Maryfields, Campbelltown.
The Papua New Guinea Mission becomes a Vice-Province in its own right
and so becomes a separate entity from the Province of the Holy Spirit.
A band of three friars establishes a small 'community-within- a-community'
at Minto in Sydney’s south-west. Providing communion and fellowship, these
friars live a simple Franciscan life in a very authentic sense in the kidst of the
materially poor and disadvantaged.
Friars begin working in St Ann Mission in Kuching, Malaysia,
a missionary outreach from the Singapore presence.
The Province initiates and hosts the "Come to the Water" festival
at Bondi Beach during World Youth Day in Sydney.