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2018 Franciscan Calendar
September 2017

It was an invitation from Enrico Scrovegni which took Italian artist and painter Giotto di Bondone to Padua, the stimulating and cultured university city and hub of Franciscan spiritual life that revolved around the Basilica of Sant’Antonio and the fresh memory of renowned Franciscan friar and teacher, Anthony of Padua. By 1305, the wealthy Scrovegni had constructed a family palazzo and a separate chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary but the chapel was almost devoid of decoration. The inside walls were an immense blank canvas, awaiting Giotto’s genius. And genius he was. “His greatest masterwork which constituted a watershed in European art”, reported art historian Stefano Zuffi.

Seventy individual panels now cover the walls and comprise a series of images on the life of Jesus and his passion, the life of Mary, and the life of Joachim and Anne. Just as Giotto had been able to depict the earthly and ordinary experiences of Francis of Assisi on the basilica walls in Assisi, so too he succeeded in the Scrovegni Chapel. “The human dimension melds with the sacred, reality prevails over mystical detachment, feelings burst on to the scene, figures and architecture break with rigid linearity and acquire volume and impact.” [Stefano Zuffi]. The intensity of feelings, the strength of affections and the immediacy of emotions shine for all to see. The 2018 Franciscan Calendar features a select dozen frescoes and includes scripture quotes, words from Pope Francis and St Francis and a brief description of each scene.

The Calendar size is 25 cm wide by 34 cm deep when fully opened to hang on a wall. When opened, each top half page (25x17 cms) features a colourful image; the bottom half features useful information such as public holiday and school holiday dates, phases of the moon, church feastdays, Franciscan feastdays and space to write your own reminders for a particular date.

The 2018 Franciscan Calendar makes a great Christmas gift for all year round. Cost is $6 each and postage is free within Australia and New Zealand. Available from October 2017.

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